Our Webmaster announced that Willowbrook Rotary's web site has been upgraded to the latest version offered by club software provider ClubRunner.  This upgrade changes the appearance of our website and adds additional functionality to the site.  We now use Domain Aliasing which allows direct access to our web site using the URL willowbrookrotary.org; where previously access was forwarded from another service to ClubRunner.  This will increase appearances of WillowbrookRotary.org on search engines.  You can access the site just by entering the above URL in your browser window.  While the website can be viewed without using your password, there is an option to enter the "Member Area" on the top of the home page which does require use of your password.  The Member Area provides lists of the functions available for your use.  If you have forgotten your password, look for the "FORGOT PASSWORD" function on the home page.