I feel like in eating more like a Taiwanese, I hold the bowl close to my face and I shovel food in my mouth, I’m going to swell up like a balloon

I am able to make a few sentences, such as “I want to buy a cup of milk tea” I feel proud

October 1, 2013 – Had a normal school day, during culture class we had to go to the office and we just talked and had fun. I was planning on going to KFC with Andre but he was unable to go
October 2, 2013 – Normal school morning, During P.E. I had to race another girl in my class, just one lap around the track and I beat her with my score of 40 seconds. I also watched my class play tug of war.  Also, many girls here hold hands with each other and today a classmate held hands with me! And a group of guys made a giant tape ball and painted it to look like a Pokeball for me, but I don’t know what I will do with it, it is the size of a softball. And after dinner I went to KFC with Andre.
October 3, 2013 – Normal school morning, then I had a Chinese class. Then I had a rotary meeting and my president gave me a portable phone charger. Then I went with my mom to her flower arranging class, dinner, Kawa had school till 7pm, shower, bed.
October 4, 2013 – Normal school morning, but at school I was unable to sleep in class or leave to go to the library because a group of people were judging the school and were going to rank them (stars 1-5) Then I went to Taipei with Andre again and while we were walking to the park a stranger on a scooter was yelling at us, seriously, he was using a lot of profanity, obviously I won’t write any of those words but I was very offended. On the train back we met a man from Canada who has been living in Taiwan and China for the past ten years teaching.
October 5, 2013 – Woke up, took a shower, played on my laptop, dinner, badminton, bed
October 6, 2013 – Woke up, made grilled cheese and tomato cheese for my family!! They loved it. Shower dinner bed
October 7, 2013 – My school is having a three day long test and today is the first day, I don’t have to take the test so Me, Andre, Lizzy, and Pierre were in our Chinese classroom all day! We watched the movies Bridesmaids and Mean girls. Shower, dinner, bed
October 8, 2013 – In school I was still in the classroom all day and we watched two movies. Return of the planet of the apes and 21 Jumpstreet, shower, dinner, and bed.
October 9, 2013 – In school we just listened to music and took funny pictures and did blindfold drawing contests. Shower, dinner, bed
October 10, 2013 – Today I did not have school because 10-10 is like a Taiwan independence day. I met Kilian and my first and third family went to this botanical garden, an art museum, then to the top of a rooftop to watch fireworks and we met another exchange student Dakota.
October 11, 2013 – Stayed home from school because I wasn’t feeling that well, my mom went to Taipei so I was home alone; all I did was sleep and watch movies on my laptop. I went to the mall with my mom and Kawa because my mom was having dinner with her sister, brother, and mom because their birthdays are very close, and me and Kawa looked for a gift for my mom with no success. 
October 12, 2013 – Nothing much today except tomorrow is my mom’s birthday and after badminton we went to a restaurant and we stayed there until 2:30 we all sang and had a fun time. While everyone went to bed I wrote “Happy birthday mom” on multiple pieces of paper and scattered them throughout the house.
October 13, 2013 – Woke up, shower, me and my sister bought our mom lunch, then my mom got a new phone, then I had dinner and my third family was there and we ate Thai food. 
October 14, 2013 – Normal school morning, Chinese class, library, dinner, bed
October 15, 2013 – Went on a field trip with my class and department. We went to the national Geographic Museum and then they basically dropped us off for 6 hours at a mall / food court / museum and we had a lot of fun, we found a speaker and played our music really loud, then on a separate park bench we sang and played our music. After that we went to a fashion show in Taipei. Shower dinner bed
October 16, 2013 – Normal school morning during P.E. class my gym teacher asked me if I could roll a tire, then was like oh, you’re American, you can’t roll a tire I proceeded to roll a tire to prove him wrong. Home, shower, dinner, bed
October 17, 2013 – Normal school morning, during class we moved desks and now I sit by Henry and Lulu which is really fun, tonight for dinner we went to a Japanese restaurant with some other members of our rotary club. Home, shower, bed
October 18, 2013 – Normal school morning, in the library I met the librarians husband who is from Greece and they invited us to eat authentic Greek food at their house (and what exchange student will deny free food) and I watched Monty Python sketches on YouTube, I hope they can understand why I was laughing so hard. After school me and Andre walked to the train station and we went to Taipei again, while we were there we met two girls from France from our district in Taoyuan because they wanted to go and meet other exchange students.
October 19, 2013 – Today I had a rotary outing with all exchange students in my district. We went and watched a demonstration of kick pottery (Maria a girl from Italy was the teacher’s voluntary assistant and accidently kicked his vase he was making) then we made a bowl and I painted it green and the pattern I made looks like a golf ball, then we ate lunch. We then walked to another place and made another bowl on a pottery wheel (one that involved electricity) and I made a bowl with a flower on it. Then there was the option for riding a bike for 2 hours or relaxing and talking, since I do not know how to ride a bike the decision was easy. It was a very tiring day so sleeping was easy that night.
October 20, 2013 – Wake up and eat lunch with my grandparents, then after lunch we went to my grandparents’ house to pick up dinner that my grandma made, me and my little sister went up to their apartment and I my grandma offered me this weird crunchy fishy chip and it turned out that it was a fish tail, like the fin part, it was interesting.
October 21, 2013 – Normal school morning, had Chinese class, home for dinner and heard from other students that my rotary district has changed the rules to be stricter, I’m now unable to travel out of the district (no more Friday nights in Taipei) and they don’t want us to be with other exchange students outside of Rotary event and that they are coming to all of our houses to talk to us…..yay
October 22, 2013 – Normal school morning during lunch I listened to a lot of French music from Pierre, had culture class, after school I went with Andre to eat dinner, we decided to get dumplings I only wanted to eat 7 or 8….. well I ended up eating 25 dumplings, I’m impressed and disgusted in myself at the same time, I slept so good that night
October23, 2013 – Normal school day, Chinese class, during lunch a classmate got me a big cup of juice and a really sweet handwritten note. My class 多二美 were in the finals for tug of war and we won! Bus, shower, bed.
October 24, 2013 – Normal school morning and day, had stinky tofu for dinner and we found the movie Legally Blonde on TV! My older brother came home tonight (like 11:30)
October 25, 2013 - Normal school day, for dinner I ate at a Korean restaurant with my family, My older brother got a tooth removed and then we rented the movie Iron man 3 and watched it
October 26, 2013 – Normal school morning and day, Went with Andre to eat gelato and waffles and we ate dumplings as well, then we ate dinner
October 27, 2013 – Wake up, had pizza and coke for lunch, then we drove to go see the Russell Watson concert
October 28, 2013 – Forgot to write
October 29, 2013 – Normal school morning, field trip! During an explanatory movie at the cake and pastry factory I was taking a lot of pictures with the other exchange students, then we made cookies, we had a tour of the factory and got some free samples. Then we went to the Republic of Chocolate, I got a frozen chocolate banana on a stick then we took a tour of the museum, after the tour we noticed that there is a fountain that some kids were playing in. So we started playing and some light splashing. Then Pierre pushed me in the water and I was drenched in. Luckily I had a change of clothes in my bag. After we got back to school me and Andre went downtown to shop for clothes for our schools sports day.
October 30, 2013 – Normal school morning, library all day, got home and started writing this monthly report. Shower bed.
October 31, 2013 – Normal school morning Chinese class, Walked with Andre and Hannah to the train station. We met Andras, then we went to Starbucks because there having a buy one get one free deal, then Hannah had to go to work. So me Andre and Andras ate beef noodle soup, Me and Andre went shopping then we took the bus home.