Sorry to send my report in so late it has been kind of hectic around here, we had all of last week off and my family and I travelled.

This whole month has been amazing , first I would like to say Belgians have A LOT of vacation time at the beginning of their school year! A couple of days after I sent in my last report I went on a club to club exchange with my host club to Mersea in the U.K. it's something they do every year to keep the connections between clubs positive. Last year the Mersea club came to Belgium but fortunately for me and the two other girls in my club it was our turn to go on the trip. Mesea is known for its oysters so the club too us on a whole day expedition to a packing shed in the middle of the ocean where we ate oysters and huge trays of assorted seafood, it was also the first time they had met exchange students that club has never hosted and are trying to start an exchange there so the girls and I got to talk about our experience and tried to convince them. It was a great experience talking to the Rotarians and getting to spend time with our club for the weekend.

The next weekend my host dad and one of my sisters went to Amsterdam, it was also amazing! There were so many things to see and it is such a beautiful city, my family and I wandered around the city and it could not have been any better we got to appreciate the buildings , see the train station, eat in great little restaurants and see the inmense amount of bikes parked everywhere. One of the best things was going to Anne Frank's house, I have read her diary many times and had always wanted to go, it was really great to put the story into the real place, they still have the original bookcase and her diary there! Unfortunately Saturday night it started raining and it didn't stop until after we left so our second day there we spent the day inside of the Van Gogh museum, it was a great experience too I had never really known his story and after that day I had the chance to appreciate his life and work.

The Friday before our week off (last week of the month) I went to the fair of the city where I go to school at, it's really strange to see a whole fair with a big ferris wheel and attraction in the middle of the city but I had a grat time! I went with some friends from school and they had me try their hamburgers and a Belgian dessert called Laquements that has a syrup made in the outskirts of the city. The dessert was very good but the burger was totally not what I expected considering the picture of a regular burger on the side of the stand I received a patty split in half inside of a small baguette, my friends laughed because they knew it wasn't the American way but I enjoyed it anyway.

On the last weekend of the month we had our first Rotary trip, 60 other exchange students from all of Belgium and I went to Paris! I had been once before but when I was young so this was amazing I don't usually get to spend much time with other exchange students since I live pretty far out but I got a lot closer to the other exchangees and got to fulfill my dream of going back. The highlight of my trip was going up the Eiffel Tower at night, the lights were beautiful and looking down at Paris I really felt how little I as compared to the rest of the world which just made me realize how much there is left to explore!

A day after I came back to Belgium I went to Barcelona to visit one of my host sisters! I had been in Spain before but never to Barcelona, it really is nothing like any city I have seen before. The food, the people , the beach it was all so different and so colorful. My sister showed my dad and I around the city, Sagrada Familia, Park Güel , San Miguel beach and Las Ramblas were some of the places we visited. I got to experience the warmest weather I've had in Europe , 72° and because I've gotten so used to the weather here I was sweating! I have no idea what will happen when I go to Texas!

This month has truly been amazing, I have gotten to do things I would do in years or a lifetime in one month all thanks to my family and Rotary. I can't ever stop thanking you and all of the other Rotarians for having this program, working so hard and letting me participate. I apologiwe for any mistakes I've made I feel like I'm starting to lose my English!