President John was back, but had failed to research any appropriate TFTW (or inappropriate either) so we just jumped into the fray. I tried to help by noting that it was Dick Tracy Day, but that drew looks of confusion and groans.


Our guests today included John's wife, Linda and Peggy Jo Coker. Sadly, the meeting started with the announcement that John Deacon and Ed Charlesworth had resigned.



Please bring a large ice chest next Friday to lend to John for an Interact Event next weekend. 

An evite has gone out for the Club Social at David Smith's Galveston palace on the 19th. Please let David know if you will be attending so he can plan accordingly.

The meeting on October 18th will be at Hooks Airport. Details to follow.

There will be a Board Meeting Tuesday at Anais Watsky's house at 6:30PM.

There will be a surprise lunch for Superintendent Dr. Cain at Nitsh this Wednesday.


Good News:

1. Anais Watsky had taken our 3 inbound exchange students out for coffee. She had a pleasant visit and was pleased that they all got along so well together.

2. Ernie Honig had good news and bad news. The bad news was that Linda had a spell of temporary amnesia Tuesday Night prompting an ER visit. The good news was that it was not a stroke and she seems to be getting better.

3. Tom Jackson Jr. had traveled to Ohio for his mother's 90th birthday and noted that she still barks at him and wishes he would grow up. He visited the local Rotary Club while there. Also, Ben had done a magic show in New Orleans for a group that liked him so much they were shipping him to Amsterdam for another engagement.

4. Phil Baker had been away a couple of weeks in Minnesota. He was happy to report that the Razorbacks had been able to stay within 12 points of A&M.

5. Lyncee Shuman said that her daughter is on a Rotary Exchange in Italy, and her sister in New York is going on a business trip to Italy and will be able to visit her.

6. Tom Lewis was finally able to attend a meeting since he has been furloughed by the government shutdown. He had gone to the State Fair of Texas and seen Army beat Louisiana Tech despite a deluge. He said he saw the new Big Tex and said hola.

7. Rich Bills wasted a dollar congratulating the Longhorns on their rousing victory over Iowa State.

8. Bob Ullom had a guest at Monte Carlo who purchased John Caruso's New Hampshire cabin. Fortunately for Bob, that friend took him on their trip back east where the leaves were spectacular.


Our program this week was a financial update by Tom Jackson Sr. who spent the last month in Colorado preparing his presentation along with a follow up from Bob Ullom who's presentation I had to miss.