President John claimed that airport security precluded him from telling any jokes, so he didn't! 


We had a couple of visitors to include Buddy Watsky and Ken Dwight.


Announcements were few - Next week's meeting will be back at Texas Land and Cattle and will be a Club Assembly to discuss matters of importance to the Club.


Good News:

 1. Bob Ullom had gone to Oklahoma City for another horse race. His horse is doing very well and as such has moved up in class and is facing stiffer competition, but was still a 3rd place finisher and improving her speed.

2. Jinni Kaltenbach was having mixed feelings about having sold their Lago Vista condo, but it's done. She was also excited that the shutdown is over so Big Bend is back open and the trip is on.

3. Linda Honig had attended the Nitsch knighting ceremony last week and it was very thrilling, especially since they had adopted a rap version of the 4-Way Test which is unique. Instead of medals this year, they are giving gold crowns, and one of the recepient's head was too small for the crown so he ended up with a necklace.

4. David Smith thanked Linda and Ernie for their participation with the Nitsch EAFK. He also thanked Tom Jackson Jr and Massy for covering for him at REACH birthdays. He was hoping that the Houston Cougars would do well against BYU on Saturday. Finally, he thanked all Rotarians in advance for their plans to attend the EAFK Tournaments this week. They will be Tuesday (tomorrow) at 9am a Klenk and Wednesday at 1pm at Nitsch.

5. Shanaz Kureshy is celebrating EID.

6. Phil Baker had a visit from a former Rotary Youth Exchange student from Germany back in 1999 who is now grown up and married. He husband is an avid golfer and Elbert Coker hosted him at a couple of first rate courses such as Champions and Redstone. Not too shabby.

7. Anais Watsky is recruiting for Rotary Youth Exchange at Klein on Monday and at Klein Oak on Wednesday.


Rusty Schlattmann took the occasion of introducing our speaker to sneak in a Rotary Minute about a former club out near Liberty Texas that grew up during the oil boom many years ago. I couldn't quite understand the name of the town, but it sounded like Holdasetta. It was unique in that at its 25th anniversary celebration, 100% of the members had perfect attendance for the entire 25 years. They also built a Rotary Building in the shape of a hexagon and it is allegedly the only Rotary Club to have had its own building and Rotary Bylaws no make it illegal for clubs to own buildings.


Our program was an update of the improvement that are ongoing at Hooks Airport to meet the expected demand for vendors visiting the new Exxon campus when it opens in 2015.