Since our program today dealt with fitness, President John noted that Rotarians were great exercisers. They jumped to conclusions, flew of the handle, carried things too far, and dodged responsibility. He also saw that Tom Lewis was present, and was reminded about hearing that the local reserve unit had their annual shooting qualification canceled two years in a row, but their fitness test was never canceled. It made him wonder why we were training our troops to run rather than shoot.

Our guests today included Roseangela's husband (who I apologize for not remembering his name) and Randy's friend, Steve Hoffman.

President John had a Membership Minute that basically emphasized the we need some more - bring some friends.

Announcements: Ernie Honig sorted out a few vacancies on the REACH Birthday schedule and will follow up with reminders to the participants.
Tom Lewis is hosting one of our inbound students and reminded members that if they were going somewhere interesting that they consider inviting along his student.
Next week's meeting will be at Hooks Airport. Details to follow.
Next Saturday the 19th is our Fellowship meeting at David Smith's in Galveston. Please RSVP.
On October 25th we will have a Club Assembly in lieu of a speaker to discuss issues of importance to the future of our club, so please make every effort to attend and add your two cents.

Good News:
1. Linda Honig had attended the VIP luncheon at Nitsch for Dr. Cain. Ernie said it was the best meal he had ever had  a school cafeteria. She was seated next to a teacher from the alternative school who shared that Nitsch used to be her greatest source of students, but now she rarely gets any so the extrapolation was that the Early Act First Knight that we are running there seems to be bearing fruit.
2. Randy Thompson said that there were only 3 cases of polio last week, all in Pakistan. Afghanistan has only had 6 all year and the recent outbreak in Somalia seems to have settled down. He had also been awarded a $25,000 grant from the Moddy Foundation for his Haiti water project and there is a dollar for dollar match available should you care to lend a hand.
3. Massey Williams had taken her mother to New York for her birthday and while there attended a Rotary meeting at a large club. She said that it was quite different from ours and she felt like a redneck.
4. Anais Watsky complemented President John for all of his hard work and asked that all members give him strong support.
5. John Maxwell had a follow up with his doctor after his recent bout of illness and got a clean bill of health. He was very impressed by his doctor's extraordinary level of service.

Our speaker today was Ogie Shaw who gave an interesting talk about the general lack of fitness in America and suggested ways to improve diet and fitness that we all should heed.