Having been away the last two Friday's I've fallen out of practice in my note taking, but here goes anyway...


President John discovered an opportunity for Community Service. He read about a gentleman in Washington who killed a congressman and rushed to his preacher to confess. The preacher told him he was there to forgive him for his sins, not to praise him for Community Service. Bada Bing.....


He also suggested that we have plenty of money for Monte Carlo - the bad news is that it's still in your pockets.


Jinni Kaltenbach presented our Rotary Minute. Since Monday is Veteran's Day, she read about a Club in District 5810 in Dallas that had started a program called Operation Veteran's Support and have raised $6.8M to date.


Our guests today included Massy's mother Mimi and mother-in-law, Jan Williams.


Announcements: David Smith encouraged all Rotarians to attend the next Knighting Ceremony at Klenk next Wednesday at 12:30pm.


Anais Watsky had 26 potential Rotary Youth Exchange candidates at her Parent/Student meetings and will need help with interviews Saturday the 16th at NAM. Please let her know if you can spend a couple of hours helping out.


Good News:

1. Randy Thompson said that there were only 3 polio cases this week so progress continues. He told a story about taking Tom from Thailand back to the airport to return home, and Tom asked him if he remembered picking him up when he first arrived. Randy assured him that he remembered to which Tom responded - I not understand a word you say!

2. Bob Ullom - (who I assume you heard suffered a stroke last week) announced that he retired.

3. Linda Honig told about a fellow named Paul Marshall who works with Cypress Cares. She said that his daughter had been murdered by her boyfriend last week, but that the body was still missing. She also gave a shout out to the work that our Club does with a particular notice of Anais's work with RYE, David's work with EAFK, and our participation at REACH.

4. Randy Thompson chimed in again about our exchange student from Denmark donating $4 to polioplus. He also mentioned that Arbor Day is January 18th and he's workig on a tree planting opportunity for us.

5. Jan Williams (Massy's mother-in-law) mentioned how excited she was to be at our meeting and how much Rotary widened the world and made great opportunities available.

6. Rich Bills told of his vacation to Miami and mentioned that Saturday morning is not the time to try to go to South Beach as traffic as impossible. He was able to pick up his son's Iron Man shirt since Nathan had to cancel his trip, but at least got a $300 T-shirt out of the registration.

7. David Thompson is expecting grandchild number 7 next Tuesday. That's the 5th for this particular daughter.

8. Tom Jackson Jr. mentioned that tickets are selling fast for the Ben Jackson Magic Show on 11/23 that is raising funds for Pure Water of the World. http://purewaterhaiti.eventbrite.com will get you to the ticket booth. Don't delay.


Our speaker today was Jon Williams. Jon shared an interesting video of his club's project in Nepal which was very interesting. 


Pictures from November 1 meeting


Speaker Randy Wells from Legal Shield


Nitsch knighting with Sir James