On a blustery cold day, the intrepid Willowbrook Rotary once again ventured out to the Pearl Fincher Museum for our weekly meeting and a presentation by the Museum director - Tim. Being at the museum reminded President John of his favorite museum from his childhood, the Kit Carson Museum. Prominently displayed in the lobby was a large skull which was said to be the actual skull of Kit Carson. Next to it was a much smaller skull which was Kit's skull when he was a child. As if that weren't enough, he told about the opening of a new Children's Museum. Their greatest challenge had been in finding enough old refrigerators on which to display the artwork.......Groan........


Due to a scheduling conflict, we had our speaker first and all of the other stuff after. Tim told us about all of the wonderful things going on at the museum and their hopes for expansion to a second location. At the conclusion of his presentation, President John presented a donation of $500 from the Club.


The schedule for the next few weeks is as follows:

Nov 29 - informal meeting at Victors on FM1960.

Dec 6 - No noon meeting - Christmas Party at Anais's.

Dec 13 - Men of Leisure at a location TBD

Dec 20 - Dr. Coker is arranging a great program

Dec 27 - Merry Christmas - no meeting


There will be several volunteers working at NAM on Dec 14. Let David Smith know ASAP if you want to help.

Forms for solicitation of Auction Items were passed out. Tickets for Monte Carlo and the Raffle will be distributed at the meeting on the 13th.


Good News:

1. Massy was just back from Hawaii but wanted to thank everyone who had attended her party and for all of the nice gifts and notes.

2. Linda Honig had attended a reunion of her graduate school at Arizona State. They had expected 30, but 80 showed up. Some of her rambunctious lab partners from years past had mellowed somewhat.

3. Wayne Roush noted that Linda's talk of reunions reminded him that Louella had volunteered to chair the planning for her 50th High School Reunion. He was not going to be ale to attend the Christmas Party as they would be celebrating his grandson's 18th birthday. Tom Jackson recommended that he not advertise that on Facebook. Wayne then gave a lesson on the history of Thanksgiving and the fact that FDR had moved it from the last Thursday in November to the 4th Thursday after being pressured by dome Ohio retailer.

4. Randy Thompson had sent out a link to an article on polio eradication that was in Wired Magazine. He also had $22 in honor of the 22 people who had lost their lives working to administer polio vacine this past year.


5. Lyncee Shuman thanked Mimi for something that I could not hear and also shared about finding a Mass card in her mther's old Bible related to the assassination of Kennedy.

6. John Maxwell shared how his Nanny tried to drag him out to see Kennedy in Houston the day before the assassination, but he resisted, but that was his first recollection of being impacted by someone's death.

7. Rich Bills said that he always remembered the 22nd of November since it was his Dad's birthday. He would have been 86, but that birthday 50 years ago had not been too joyful. Also, he had a great time interviewing Rotary Youth Exchange candidates to include Lyncee's daughter Sierra.


Have a great Thanksgiving all. Join us at Paneras at 8am tomorrow morning and weather permitting at 7am for a brisk walk in the CyChamp Park.