Despite our best efforts to conceal our meeting location, a pretty good sized contingent of Rotarians were able to find their way to the Pearl Fincher Museum for a great meeting and delicious fajitas from Gringos. President John had a funny story about an author/musician that was told to quickly for me to write and I waited too long to create my notes so I've forgotten the punch line. It's hell to get old!


Our guests today included Jim Lemmerz, Bob Gamache, and Christian Collins. 


Announcements: The Christmas party will be on December 6th at 7pm and the Watsky's. There will be heavy hordervezs (or however you spell it), desserts, and libations. Anais passed the hat for donations to buy our three exchange students Christmas presents.


John Maxwell wanted to make it clear that the discussion about Monte Carlo Ticket sales should be interpreted as a plea for everyone to up their sales, but that no one is going to be kicked out of the club if they do not meet the 10 ticket "quota" however members remain responsible for the same number as in the past, but are asked to give the extra effort to insure the success of our event.


Good News:

1. Wayne Roush (remember Wayne?) finally made it back from Ohio. Wrapping up his mother-in-law's estate took longer than expected and when they finished that, they got back just in time to leave on a cruise of Australia and New Zealand. We then got an extended lesson on the difference between their two flags.

2. Anais Watsky welcomed former member Bob Gamche. Also, we have 21 students scheduled to interview for the Youth Exchange. She thanked everyone that has helped to date and that will be helping with interviews tomorrow.

3. David Smith thanked Kit and Gary Aguren for attending the EAFK Knighting, and for Ernie Honig's picture taking.

4. Tom Jackson Jr said that the 8pm Ben Jackson show on 11/23 is sold out, but tickets remain for the early show so please sign up for a great show and to raise money for Pure Water. Also, the ScyFy Channel had called Ben about appearing on some reality show but he had a conflict and was unable to make it work.

5. David Thompson had put in a dollar last week in anticipation of his new grandchild, but he's still waiting.

6. Rich Bills had a buck for Massy's party. We had a good crowd and he was able to experiment with the panorama function on his iPhone. (sample attached to this letter) He had also run into former member Doug Crawford at an open house. (no not that Doug Crawford, but another Doug Crawford from back in the late 80's)

7. John Maxwell echoed Rich's comments about Massy's party.


Tom Jackson Jr invited his neighbor, Warren Hanson, to entertain us. Warren is an accomplished author, illustrator, and musician and gave us a wonderful program. Check him out at