The TFTW was related to our speaker's work as a hearing specialist. It seems an elderly couple was heading out on vacation with the wife driving way too fast. She was pulled over by a cop who asked for her license and registration. "What'd he say?" she asked? "License" he yelled. She passed it over and he noticed that she was from Arkansas. "I once had the worst relationship in the world with a woman from Arkansas" he said. "What'd he say?" she asked? "He thinks he knows you!" her husband replied.


The Rotary Minute was presented by new member John Deacon. John shared that the 5th Avenue of Service which was called New Generations, has been recently renamed as Youth Services.


We only had one visitor today and I could not hear her name except for Peggy. She's been here before and is very impressed by our scholarship program, so much so that she donated $1000.



District Assembly is tomorrow and David Thompson, Mark Boudreaux, and Rich Bills will be attending and Randy Thompson and Ed Charlesworth will be presenting. There are a lot of activities coming up for you to plug in to:

May 9th - The last Early Act First Knight Ceremony preceded by the dedication of the Rotary Benches at Nitsche Elementary at 1PM.

May 11th - Interviewing for Scholarships at Tom Jackson's. David Thompson has it well organized.

May 14th - Board Meeting - 6PM

May 18th - Book Sorting

May 21st - Klein Forest Interact Banquet catered by Carrabbas.

June 13th - Club Installation Banquet at Champions.


Good News:

1. Bob Ullom noted that the stock market had been above 15,000 briefly, but he really came up to predict that Orb would win the Kentucky Derby (I should have gotten this out sooner!) His friend Josh Pond's owns 1/4 interest in the horse.

2. Linda Honig (again I'm late) - Doc Severinson will be giving a concert Saturday Night at Northwoods.

3. John Deacon had a hat trick - his daughter who tore her ACL last year was recovering well and did something else I missed. His 13 year old son who swims for Kleb won his match, and it was John's birthday today.

4. Rich Bills shared that after being on probationary stays for the last 2 1/2 years for failure to have a dog, he has remedied the situation by adopting Kolby the Golden Retriever.

5. Randy Thompson noted that progress toward Polio Eradication continues, and we are "this close."

6. Tom Jackson Jr. noted that Ben is still not in prison, but he was really excited by Peggy's $1000 donation.


We inducted new member Lyncee Schuman. Make sure that you give her a warm welcome.


Our speaker today was Dr. Bruce Buechler and he told us all about how we loose our hearing.




New member Lyncee Shuman induction


Guest speaker Bruce Buechler