Trust President Jr to come up with an appropriate TFTW. With today's speaker being John Michael Talbot of the Brothers and Sisters of Charity, a religious TFTW was in order. It so happens that our frequent visitor Peggy (who is also associated with the Brothers and Sisters) was traveling and once the plane took off, she took out her Bible to read the Good News. Her seat mate was somewhat skeptical and condescending and asked if she really believed all of that. Well of course I do she replied, its in the Bible so it must be true. Well what about that fellow Jonah who was swallowed by a whale. How do you supposed he could have survived that? She kindly replied that she did not know, but when she got to heaven, she would ask him. What if he's not there the man responded? She was quick to reply - then you can ask him!


Our 60 Second Commercial was presented by Mimi Davis. Mimi was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea and her father was a career military officer. As such, she moved frequently around the country. She ended up in a boarding school for High School, and upon graduation started in retail, which she found fascinating. It inspired her to start her own clothing business and she eventually got interested in jewelry so she studied everything about that business. As fate would have it, she met an American service member and got married to Mr. Davis and ended up in the US. She currently managed the Ben Bridge Jewelry store at Willowbrook Mall.


We have several guests today to include our speaker John Michael and a couple of members of his organization, Andrew Billings and Larry Lafonte.



Book Sorting tomorrow

June 11th - last Board Meeting for Jr's reign

June 13th - John Maxwell's installation


Good News:

1. Bob Ullom had a lengthy tale of family issues causing worry that all came together as if in answer to a prayer. I probably missed some of the details, but it involved one son's job hunt after leaving his own company, another son's house purchase, and the scheduling of his horses first race since her injury. The job came through, the selling house had a contract approved, and the horse is running tomorrow.

2. Tom Lewis was dressed in his Dress Blues as he had just come from the airport to welcome a large group of Wounded Warriors coming in for a fishing trip this weekend. He was also excited that he is being reassigned from Fort Dix to Houston in a post that he hopes will lead to a promotion to General.

3. David Smith was excited that we have signed up a 2nd school for the Early Act First Knight Program next year. We will be working with Klenk Elementary and there will be a training June 4th at 3:30PM if you have an interest in attending.

4. Randy Thompson said it was a bad week for polio with 7 new cases including one in Somalia where there has not been one in a while. He also gave a visual demonstration of the new drive through immunization of the freeway of India (I think).


As I mentioned, John Michael Talbot sand a beautiful song and gave a very interesting presentation about The Brothers and Sisters of Charity and the St Clare Monastery at 6921 Cutten Parkway.