Assistant Governor, Ken Zeman
Hanford Sunset Rotary

When you think about Family, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  Mother, Father, Sons, Daughters, Grand Children, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, family Pets, what do you think about?  The Family core has changed in America over the last few decades with Single Parent Families being more frequent, as well as Grandparents raising their Grandchildren for one reason or another. Family is important to all of us, as Rotarians, we give, we help, and we care.  This is what makes Rotary special, and makes you a Rotarian.

If you had a chance to watch the Movie “Dolphin Tail”, there is a part in the movie that leads to the phrase, “Family is forever!”  During the Holiday Season we all think about Family, but what about our extended Family, or closest most dearest friends, or neighbors, and our Rotary Family.

Your Rotary Club is part of your family.  This is one of the reasons for joining Rotary, to have friends and make new ones.  As we do our Rotary Work in our Communities and throughout the world we must remember the word Family.  We need to have more Family oriented events, where our new generation of Rotarians can bring their spouses and children too.  What about a spring time club picnic in a local park, a baseball game, or bowling outing?  When was the last time your Rotary Club met in a Bowling Alley?

My Heart fills up with Joy when I think back on my family, my Wife, my Daughter, and my deceased Father.  Family is always inside all of us.  Sometimes Family is not always perfect but for the most part Families can work through some pretty tough times.

During the month of December, Remember and Celebrate Family, your own and your Rotary Family.