In the first quarter of 2015, the Beaudachita  micro lending program received a $5,000 grant from the Moody Memorial PEF. The loans were distributed in $110 increments to 44 new recipients in March of 2015. Each loan bears an interest rate of 3% and a maturity of 3 months.  In total, the program has $8,000 in loans outstanding to 63 beneficiaries.  Additionally, the program has an additional 50 beneficiaries who have been trained and are awaiting loans and we have $4,600 in additional funds that we have raised to fund this next class of beneficiaries. We have also set up a network of prayer partners. When a beneficiary receives a loan, they are asked if they would like a prayer partner from JWUMC.  We believe that this will establish a closer connection between our community and theirs and make the experience deeper for everyone. So far we have 22 prayer partners.                                          
We believe that the overall program is going very well. Below are two testimonials from loan beneficiaries that indicate that our relationship is helping improve the lives of the people of Beaudachita.
“I am Bien-Aime Odeline . I lives in Bouda Chita municipality since childhood I am a beneficiary from this program. I have 2 kids a boy and a girl.three ( 3) year from now, they did not go to school because I couldn’t pay school for them. Thanks to John Wesley Micro credit. this year I make a big different and they go to school like all the other people in my village and I myself become an entrepreneur where I sell Mangoes and Bananas, my husband doesn’t work. On the benefit, I feed the house. Thank you.”
“Roland Medina, A very enthusiastic beneficiary of John Wesley Microcredit. Recently, we have no support from anyone, I mean we do not exist for local leaders, but now thanks to PWW determination  and its innovation, we have now a supporter. PWW provided us clean and safety water  that the first thing the village needs to live healthy; no drinking water, no life, but waterborne diseases. Finally, I borrow 5,000 gourdes. With this money, I sell bread in city of Bouda Chita and also in my house. Life begins to improve in many different ways for my family. Every day, I come home with something that all my people could eat. I must tell you the truth in the future; I intend to have a bakery where I can become a boss.”
We are blessed to serve and blessed by our relationship with the people of Beaudachita. Thank you for your support of this program. If you have any questions, please give us a call.
The Haiti Committee.  Randy Thompson Chair 281 630-8040