So President Jr. was back after a week away with an excellent TFTW in tow. It seems a couple from Minneapolis was trying to catch a break from the cold northern weather so they booked a vacation in Miami Beach. Unfortunately their work schedules precluded their traveling together so the husband left on Thursday and checked into their elegant suite. He quickly sent his wife an email, but unfortunately mistyped the address and  it accidently went to a recently widowed lady in Texas.


Darling - I'll bet you are surprised to hear from me. I arrived safely and it's beautiful here. Everyone is very friendly and looking forward to your arrival tomorrow. PS - It's hot down here!


We are not sure how that related to CFO's and Community College finances, but it was cute nonetheless.


The Rotary Minute was presented by Randy Thompson who took the opportunity to save a dollar of Good News money by highlighting all of the great progress toward polio eradication. He discussed a recent Polio Summit where $4 billion was pledged toward the polio eradication goal. Wow, we are "this close."


Ernie Honig used the occasion of the 60 Second Commercial to describe their recent trip to Italy where they kept an eye out for Rotary signs, and ran across a club on the Isle of Capri that had a vehicle that seemed to be a Rotary version of Meals on Wheels. After days of pasta, the ran across an English Pub, which was a welcome break!


Our guests included Vicky Cassidy and Cindy Gillam from Lone Star College, Jim Lemmerz, Ben from Nairobi who brought a Club banner to exchange.


There were a lot of announcements, but of particular importance are District Assembly May 4th, Scholarship interviews May 11th at Tom Sr's. office and the final Early Act Knighting Ceremony of the year on May 9th at 1:30pm.


Good News:

1. Anais Watsky had breakfast with John Maxwell and found out that our Club had been recognized at the District Conference for Best International Project. Also, she thanked Ed for taking the RYE kids to the conference.

2. Wayne Roush had been driving a group of elderly ladies to the NAM Bingo games. He and Louella will be heading out for Ohio soon to sell of things from her mother's estate to include the farm. He also had picked up a bunch of books from Quality Books for the Rotary Book Project.

3. Graham Sharp described an encounter with one of the exchange students at the District Conference. He remembered her name and greeted her warmly. She obviously didn't know him from Adam, and apologized for not remembering him, but explained - "I sleep since then"

4. Ed Charlesworth said that it had been an honor to drive the kids to the District Conference and it certainly made it a much more rewarding experience for Robin and himself despite driving Anais's tempermental mini-van.