Seems like its been a few weeks since I've written any notes - Haven't had a clamoring from anyone about missing them so I hope at least someone is reading and enjoying them.
So in our TFTW, President Jr told about the young man who turned in his exam with a $100 and a note attached reading $1 per point. When it was returned next week, there was a thank you note attached, along with $64 in change.
Our Rotary Minute was presented by Bob Ullom who spoke about the Club By Laws which are a description of how we do (or are supposed to) things.
Tom Jackson Sr presented a Rotary Minute where he described himself as having been born in Houston, but moved to the Country. He went to UT and became a Financial Advisor. He's happy that tax season is over.
We had several visitors to include Peggy Jo, Dale from Houston NW Sunset, and the mother of a short term exchange student whose name I missed.
John Deacon has been proposed for membership. If you have any reservations, please advise the President of Secretary.
The District Conference will be next week at the Hill Country Hyatt. We have a couple of members going.
The District Assembly will be May 4th and all new members and Board members are encouraged to attend.
Good News:
1. John Caruso was begging for someone to be on his Golf  Team at the District Conference.
2. Jinni Kaltenbach is a member of 3 bridge groups, and for the first time ever, she came in first. I would suggest perhaps that you drop the other two and concentrate on this one!
3. Ed Charlesworth had a dollar for the mythical orphans of NAM.
4. Dale from HNW Sunset, had tickets to sell for their music festival.
5. David Smith had dollars for Wayne Roush and Tom Jr. for their attendance at the Early Act First Knight Ceremony.
6. Rich Bills had a dollar to inform everyone that the Rotary walkers were changing venue from Meyer to CyChamp Park. All are welcome.