Charter Program, July 20 1984 Raveneaux CC


Rotary Club of Willowbrook        (transcribed from July 20 1984 Charter Program)


History of Rotary Club of Willowbrook


The Rotary Club of Willowbrook had its start between church services in the parking lot of Lakewood United Methodist Church.


According to President Tom Jackson, “I was walking around in the parking lot and ran into Mac Hood, the pastor. We got to chit-chatting about me moving my business out here.”


“Somehow, the topic turned to Rotary. Mac said that he had been a Rotarian and I know I would be leaving the club in Bellaire. He stated that it might be a good opportunity to start a Rotary Club in this area.”


On March 15, 1984, under the sponsorship of the Rotary Club of Tomball and through the perseverance of Mac and Tom, the fledgling Rotary Club of FM 149 met at Raveneaux Country Club.


On April 27, FM 149 Rotary had a name change to the Rotary Club of Willowbrook. That same week, the first set of officers and the Board of Directors were elected. That same week, the 20 members needed to apply for charter was achieved.


At the district convention, May 16, our club became the provisional 51st club of Rotary District 589.


Tom Jackson received word that the Rotary Club of Willowbrook was officially chartered on June 20, 1984.


It is men like Tom and Mac that have made our club. Each person here tonight should be grateful that these two men wanted to share Rotary with us and our community.